The “Bannock St” project was a true transformation, turning a corner lot into a modern outdoor living haven. From front to back, this space has undergone a remarkable makeover, and the materials and textures used have taken it to a whole new level of excellence.

About this Project

What sets this project apart is the masterful use of materials and textures. The careful selection of colors and the clever contrasting of textures have made this one of our most marketable projects to date. It’s a modern masterpiece that catches the eye and captures the imagination.

But it’s not just about aesthetics; functionality was at the forefront of this design. The landscaping is drought-tolerant, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly outdoor space. Safety and security are paramount, with thoughtfully placed outdoor lighting illuminating the way after dark. This is a space that’s meant to be enjoyed long into the night.

The “Bannock St” project boasts not one, but two types of custom fencing, ensuring both privacy and style. Throughout, artificial turf offers a lush and low-maintenance surface, while poured concrete walls have added a remarkable 40% of usable space to both the front and backyards.

Concrete flatwork serves as both stepping pads and patio space, providing an elegant and functional surface for various outdoor activities. And to top it all off, the hot tub in the backyard completes the picture, making this space a year-round retreat for relaxation and enjoyment.

The “Bannock St” project is a testament to the power of thoughtful design and expert craftsmanship. It’s a space that invites you to make the most of every square inch, day or night. We’re proud to have been part of bringing this vision to life.

Stunning Patio & Landscape Design with Outdoor Lighting near Greenwood Village, CO
Modern patio in Greenwood Village, CO
Modern patio in Greenwood Village, CO
Modern patio in Greenwood Village, CO
Modern patio in Greenwood Village, CO
Stunning landscape design in Greenwood Village, CO
Low-voltage outdoor lighting in Greenwood Village, CO
Landscape design with plantings and outdoor lighting in Greenwood Village, CO
Landscape design with plantings and outdoor lighting in Greenwood Village, CO
Landscape design with plantings and outdoor lighting in Greenwood Village, CO
Landscape design with patio and outdoor lighting in Greenwood Village, Colorado

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Client Testimonials

So, to put it succinctly… we’ve had no fewer than 15 contractors at our house over the last 5 years and these guys are the ONLY ones we’ve called back to work with a second time. They’re communicative, well-priced, and always go above and beyond with their work. We’re more than satisfied with everything they’ve done. We recommend them to friends often. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

– Emma H.

“You guys. Seriously. Call Chuck and his team for all of your landscaping needs. Do your house and yard a favor – get in touch with Down to Earth. This is truly a remarkable group of people and I am so very grateful for their speed, experience, and work ethic. They do what they say they will. You can thank me later. (After you thank them for making your yard look like it belongs in a magazine!) Thank you so much!”

– Christa S.

Chuck and the whole down to earth team did an amazing job with my backyard! They were quick to give me a reasonable estimate, were flexible when I needed to make some changes, and stuck to their projected timeline throughout the project – the actual work only took a day and a half and everything looks great.

– Emily H.

Chuck, Jeff, and the whole Down to Earth team is excellent.  They offer a superb level of personalized care and keep our lawns and yards looking beautiful year round.  They are super responsive to any new needs or concerns we may have and they are always pleasant to interact with. I highly recommend DTE.

– Kat D.

Chuck, Jeff and the entire team at Down to Earth Landscaping have completely outdone themselves with our home. We love it!!! They are so incredibly friendly, kind, knowledgeable, and willing to truly hear your needs. Upon walk-through, we received an estimate shortly thereafter, were easy to make change with, and did a beautiful job with our house. We cannot say enough good things – we plan to use them for future projects for our patio and completing phase 2 of our landscaping. You will not regret using Down to Earth Landscaping.

– Adam G.

DTE were awesome throughout the entire process: from promptly coming out and giving us a very competitive initial quote, to quickly scheduling the work we wanted done, to getting it done quickly and professionally.

On schedule and at a very reasonable price. If you’ve ever attempted to hire a crew to come do some work on your house/yard in Denver in 2019, you know how rare that is. Oh, and their work is top-notch, and they do it all: fencing, landscaping, sod. Whatever you need, they can get it done.”

– Adam G.

Chuck and Down to Earth Landscaping were referred to me by a coworker and they were absolutely a pleasure to work with. Chuck was very accommodating to my schedule and was able to adapt on the fly when he and his company installed my new sprinkler system. They were very professional and easy to work with and I would recommend them to anyone who might need some landscaping work done.”

– David G.